GetAway Farms

Saskatoon Berry Orchard

Effective immediately, Get Away Farms is now closed to the public. Our family would like to enjoy our retirement and would like to thank everyone in the community for their support and understanding. Thank you and we will continue our work in the community and with our neighbors.

We are a Saskatoon Berry u-pick Farm

Saskatoon Berry Farm U-pick


Enjoy the outdoors with your whole family as you visit our Saskatoon Berry Farm U-pick and explore our orchard. Fresh air, great weather, and unforgettable memories make this a must do for the summer

Saskatoon Berries for bakeries


“We serve Businesses across Manitoba. Our Saskatoon Berry Farm U-pick Fresh and Frozen Saskatoons in
small and large quantities. Please ask us about our current promotions. Shipping is free for orders over $300. See our contact page for more details and exlusions.

Frozen Saskatoon Berries


We store our berries during the winter after the U-Pick season, without the use of unhealthy chemicals or preservatives. We provide all of our customers with fresh berries packed with health benefits! See our nutritional page to see why you should be eating more Saskatoon berries.

A little info

About our Berries

Our Berries are %100 percent naturally grown with out the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. These berries are loaded with anti-oxidents and essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy, well balanced diet. 

Saskatoon Berries Upick farm

Our Favourite Recipes

Don’t know what to do after you pick Saskatoon Berries? We have excellent recipes from muffins, cakes, and snacks that everyone can enjoy. Check out our favourite berry recipes!

About US

We are the Simanavicius Family. We love spending time with our neighbours and helping out with our community. Community and family are very important to us.  We would love to meet your family and hope to see you every year!

Getaway Farms ltd Manitoba


Good fresh berries. Our family had a good time picking berries that lasted quite awhile. Great smoothies and wine. Will be coming back again!
Arn Bust
Our program had an awesome time picking berries this past summer! GetAway Farms was friendly and accommodating and picking berries there was the perfect activity for our participants! We all had a blast! 10/10 would recommend!
Equal Opportunities West Videos
We go every year. Great berries and fun people. Its a nice afternoon in the country.
Gordon Wakeling
A fun outing in a great location. The berries are wonderful.
Christa Wakeling