Meet the Simanavicius Family

Ben, Kim, Curtis and Corey, a family of 4, were all born and raised in Winnipeg, MB.  For many years mom and dad, Kim and Ben had dreamed of having a country property to enjoy. Kim was busy raising two boys, Curtis and Corey who are 3 years apart in age.  In between raising the two boys she worked in schools and retail outlets during her career. Ben, having worked 37 years at Canada Post and 34 years in the Canadian Armed Forces finally made it to retirement. After little debate Kim and Ben knew their future was heading towards a country getaway for their retirement dreams… After a few years of searching for the right hobby farm, Get Away farms was finally founded!  Curtis, Living in the Portage La Prairie area for almost 10 years and working as an Agricultural Equipment Technician, had this farm presented to him and knew right away it was the one! Curtis, Kim and Ben purchased the Farm and 8 acre Saskatoon orchard. At first it was an overwhelming task as the yard site, home and orchard had not been maintained for about 10 years. With over 4 years of Love and sweat it has become a Home and GetAway retreat for the entire family.  We have made this 28 acre paradise into a family friendly, nature filled adventure for us all to enjoy.

A Couple of facts

  • Kim and Ben have been married for 40 years as July 2019!
  • Ben and Kim were both born and raised in Winnipeg, MB.  After living in the same home for 35 years, they finally found their country retreat.
  • Ben during his military career earned the prestigious award of “Twice the Citizen Award” in 2016 from the Royal Military Institute of Manitoba.

  • Curtis spent 5 years in Ontario, were he learned about Farming, agriculture, and the country living lifestyle.  He has earned his Red Seal Ticket as a Journeyman Agricultural Equipment Technician and recently promoted to Service Manager at his dealership.

We plan on expanding our products from the current fresh and frozen berries, to a specific line of wines and possibly other juices and products.