Reputation Managment

Having a strong reputation online is the most important investment you can make on your business. With information being widely shared online, customers are expecting the best when choosing a company to deal with. Delma Design provides customized landing pages to make sure your customers leave a positive review.  Reputation management services is absolutely critical when trying to attract new customers. 

Reputation Management

Reputation Management Facts

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Customers read consumer reviews to ensure they are making the right purchase decision. 

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U.S consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. 

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Conversion rate of companies with positive reviews compared to zero for negative reviews

How it works...

Step 1

Provide us with a list of your most recent customers weekly or daily.

Step 2

We use automated software outreach to ask your customer to leave a review.

Step 3

We send your customers to a customized landing page where we can block bad reviews and get good reviews for your business.

Reputation management is a powerful way to ensure your customers do not find a way out of your sales funnel. Potential customers searching on Google are always looking for an excuse to say “no” and most customers will choose a minimum of 3 suppliers to evaluate their decision. Don’t be eliminated from this buying process and ensure you have reputation management software protecting  your brand! Not only do you need to have positive reviews to gain the trust of new customers, you also need a large amount of reviews to influence their decision. A properly designed website is half the battle as customers will ALWAYS choose the business with the most 5 star reviews.  Delma Design will provide reputation management services as a part of your monthly package so your business will have a strong foundation for future marketing campaigns. 

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