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3 Things you should check on your website?

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Getting to the top of Google should be the goal of every entrepeneur. There are numerous reasons why 1 website ranks better another website but that is not the purpose of this article. I will go over a few things that you can do IMMEDIATELY so your business website ranks higher in  Google.

1-mobile friendly

Mobile is king! Everyone has a smart phone and Google estimates that mobile web traffic will account for %50 of ALL online search queries. What does this mean? Google will start punishing your site if it is not mobile friendly by pushing it to the back of Google where no one will be able to find it.Click here to see if your business is mobile friendly! .

2-Page Speed

If all things are equal, google will always pick the fastest loading site. You can check the page speed of your site by going here The great thing about this site is that it TELLS you what to fix! Just fix the issues and reccomendations from the report and you’ll have a faster website. The faster the your website loads, the higher Google will rank your site. The higher your website ranks, the more views you get. The more views you get, the more sales leads you get!!

3-Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

This is one of the easiest fixes you can have on your site. Without getting too technical, if your website is missing the “s” [], Google will penalize your site by deeming your site as unsecured and will push it to the back of the line when customers are looking for your business. You can get a SSL certificate by contacting your hosting provider or by contacting your web developer. These certificates typically cost $10/year.


These fixes are included if you decided to have Delma Design build your online sales funnel or marketing plan. These simple 3 things will boost your ranking organically on Google and bring more revenues to your business. Feel free to give us a call if you want a FREE strategy guide to get more customers for your business. 

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