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After Webdesign, should you invest into Social Media Marketing?

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Social Media Marketing is the latest rage when it comes to getting prospective clients to pick up the phone and call your business. Is it right for your business? Should you invest into Social Media Marketing? Here I’ll provide tips and ideas about investing into Facebook Advertising or Instagram marketing.

Is your business B2C?

B2C means Business to Consumer, meaning the majority of your customers are the general public like restaurants, patio building and kitchen renovations. B2B is simply Business to Business and these include businesses like Accounting Firms, Marketing Firms, and Architecture companies.  Facebook is an excellent way to tap into the demographics of your target market since your ideal customer is on Facebook and Instagram.  If your business deal strictly with other businesses, I WOULD NOT recommend social media marketing in most cases. Social media marketing can be VERY costly and is not ideal for B2B industries. 

2. You have clear Goals

1 Track Results

With a concise digital marketing plan in place, you can know exactly if your marketing campaign is working. You can measure things like who went to your website, what time are they going to your site, how many calls are you getting, how long are they staying and key demographics such as age, gender and location.

Newspaper advertisements and radio commercials can’t do that!


With more precise data, you can forecast future sales, and future expected costs. When you spend your marketing dollars on Google Ads, Website design, Facebook Ads and Google Search Engine Optimization Packages, you can confidently predict whether these marketing tactics will provide a solid return on your investment. Check out the formulas here.


As you can see, digital marketing is one of the best investments you can make for your B2C business. Getting in front of interested buyers can be very tricky, let us show you a plan on how to get more customers into your sales funnel by clicking here!

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